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White-fronted Capuchin

Cebus albifrons

Golden Tegu

Tupinambis teguixin

El Garcero

Little Lake

Spectacled Caiman

caiman crocodilus

The Nature Reserve El Garcero

The nature reserve was established in 1991 with El Garcero with the purchase of 600 acres of land, consisting of forest residues, livestock grazing, canals and backwaters on the Brazo de Mompox, a river section of the Rio Magdalena, 50 km upstream of the legendary city Mompox.

One of the goals within the nature reserve El Garcero was to conduct basic research on the structure and dynamics of river landscapes, along with experiments to restore natural conditions. The work focuses on the restoration of the natural balance of the flood plains and on increasing the forest area in the reserve by passive reconstruction.

Above all it is essential to control forest fires, grazing of roaming cattle and poaching in Garcero. Today a wide variety of wild animals, such as caiman and the Great Potoo, have settled in the reserve.

Day trips and excursions to El Garcero